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Polished Concrete

CSM offers numerous services associated with polished concrete including:

  • Polished concrete with and without color dyes.
  • Polished concrete for industrial use in manufacturing plants and environments
  • Polished concrete for commercial functions.
  • Re-polishing concrete, terrazzo and other decorative flooring.
  • Maintenance of polished surfaces.

Concrete polishing is a continuous, multiple-step grinding process using increasingly finer diamond abrasives until the surface becomes highly polished with a deep gloss. Depending on the material being ground a wet or dry grinding process will be used. CSM has polished hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete and terrazzo floors. Let us give your old floors new life.

CSM is a Certified Installer of ProSoCo Consolideck and L&M Permashine polishing systems.





Terrazzo before

Terrazzo after refurbishment